The Natural Edge Retreat
The Natural Edge Retreat
Escape the outside world in a tranquil Mallorcan haven. Reset your body and mind with a dose of invigorating exercise and deliciously nourishing food. Leave feeling relaxed and recharged.
Mallorca, 23-29 Sept 2018
The Package
  •  6 nights accommodation (twin en-suite rooms)
  •  Fully catered with delicious healthy plant based food
  •  2 yoga sessions a day
  •  Group training session every day
  •  Evening talks on health & performance
  •  Afternoon outdoor activity - kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, cycling & snorkeling
The FREE Extras
  •  Individual health & fitness consultation with The Natural Edge
  •  No hassle transfers (we'll take care of your transfers, no matter when you choose to fly)
  •  30 minute health/relaxation treatment - choose from holistic massage, Indian head massage & reflexology 
When And Where
Book your flight to Palma De Mallorca Airport (PMI) on Sunday 23rd September and your return on Saturday 29th and we'll take care of everything else!
Early Bird Discount:
Only the first 6 places available at this price
Accommodation - Rustic 14th Century Farmhouse
Away from the built-up tourist resorts, Mallorca is an island with a rich and varied landscape of incredible natural beauty. You will be staying at Albenya, a traditional Mallorcan finca (farmhouse), close to Mallorca’s first hermitage town of Randa and looking up towards the hilltop monastery, The Sanctuary of Cura. Albenya is situated in an area of incredible natural beauty. The rustic charm of the accommodation is complemented by the surrounding gardens and stunning scenery.

A lovingly restored farmhouse with vaulted stone ceilings dating back to the 14th Century, surrounded by acres of lemon and olive groves, and not a house in sight for miles around. Albenya has a magical feel to it, from the cobbled courtyard filled with tropical plants, to the terracotta patio offering panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.

The rooms are simple but spacious and have en-suite bathrooms. The venue boasts a beautiful terrace with barbecue area perfect for al-fresco dining, a large communal dining room, swimming pool, and both indoor and outdoor Yoga spaces.
Food - Plant Based Goodness
Catherine Eade will be your chef for the week! Catherine has been working on retreats since realising she wanted to combine her love of yoga and sunshine with providing healthy food for like-minded people in a beautiful setting.

The food during your retreat will comprise of the freshest, seasonal local produce, and, as you will discover, the fruit and vegetables in this region are second to none. Albenya also has its own fruit groves growing on site, otherwise food comes from the nearby town, bought from local markets and farmers.

You can expect to enjoy delicious plant based meals, all lovingly prepared by Catherine, using the best ingredients, and designed to be as nutrient rich as possible. Not only that but you will be dining al fresco, surrounded by nature enjoying the feeling that good food can give you. 
Training - Yoga & Group Fitness
Modern life and the fast pace of the urban environment make it difficult to switch off and give both mind and body a chance to recharge. Your week with us at Albenya is the ultimate antidote to the stresses of city life, a chance to escape the rat race, slow down, and put the focus back on you and your well-being.

Start your day with an invigorating group workout led by Simon under the warmth of the morning sun. Whether you are just looking to raise your heart rate a little, or push yourself harder, the mixture of bodyweight exercises and cardio sessions will be suitable for all.

Alongside this you’ll be able to get your yoga on with Christine with one dynamic morning session, and one restorative evening practice. Don't worry, you don’t need to be able to touch your toes! Each practice will help improve mobility, increase bodyweight strength, teach relaxation, practice mindfulness and restore mental focus. No matter what your goal, yoga is an amazing way to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body.

During your stay at Albenya you are welcome to take part in as many or as few sessions as you wish. Both the yoga and the group training classes are suitable for everybody from complete beginners to fitness experts.
Activities - Hike, Bike, Swim, Paddle, Snorkel…
Or Simply Relax
Your time at Albenya is exactly that, YOUR time. You’ll be spoiled for choice for ways to rest and relax. Every day you will have the chance to join Simon on an afternoon adventure and find out why Mallorca plays host to so many outdoor enthusiasts.

With a wide range of landscapes to choose from including stunning crystalline waters, rocky cliffs and steep mountain trails, this Mediterranean paradise has something to satisfy everyone. From kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, to hiking and cycling there will be something new to enjoy each afternoon.

There will also be plenty of free time to go for a walk or run, read, write, sketch or whatever you like to do to feed your soul. You could take a dip in our refreshing swimming pool, or lounge lazily in a hammock while taking in the beautiful views. Albenya is set in beautiful countryside so you can easily find your own spot for some alone time.
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Early Bird Discount: £995 £895!
Only the first 6 places available at this price
Meet The Team
My journey started in 2015 when I left my job serving in UK Special Forces, a career that saw me operating in some of the most extreme environments around the world. A brief stint in the city working in corporate management opened my eyes to how many people are struggling with health and under performing as a result.

Having followed the standard protocols of the fitness and wellness industry for most of my life, I now believe we are missing the big picture by trying to isolate small areas, and fix them with individual pills and potions.

I started The Natural Edge to help people leverage the combined power of the habits we are designed to thrive on. Optimising sleep, incorporating more plant based whole foods into my diet and utilising intermittent fasting, combined with functional movement have given me the best results I’ve ever achieved. And I’m now seeing the same happen in others!

Living a life which helps people maximise their performance, and improves the world we all share is what drives me forward. But my other true love is anything that combines sport and the great outdoors; climbing, hiking, biking, skiing and swimming. There is inherent value in being amongst nature that strengthens our mental and physical abilities.

I truly believe we can all be at our best once we start listening to our own bodies and reconnecting with the habits which naturally make us strong, fit and healthy.
Christine Maier
I'm on a mission to help you find your path to meditation through activity. I live and breathe dynamic movement through my passion for yoga, longboarding & skateboarding, cycling and all sorts of adventures in the mountains!

Yoga isn’t a purely physical practice and my goal is to help my students forge a strong body & mind, one breath at a time. My aim is to help you discover the many benefits, both physical and mental, of a regular yoga practice. With a hands-on approach, I will guide and assist you, placing special emphasis on correct alignment.

You’ll learn how to breathe mindfully and use this to your advantage as you move through the postures, while gradually developing a mindfulness toolkit that will help you deal with whatever life decides to throw at you.

My other speciality is in sequencing yoga classes to complement other sports. Whether you're a CrossFitter, runner, surfer, climber or general gym fiend a regular yoga practice will make you more flexible, prevent injuries and improve recovery.

I thrive on pushing my own limits, and love encouraging others to feel the amazing connection between the mind and the body that is inherent in all of us.
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Early Bird Discount: £995 £895!
Only the first 6 places available at this price
Why don't I just go on a holiday?
You will still be getting a fantastic holiday, but also much more than that. Retreat comes from the Latin verb “to pull back.” So, a retreat is a place where you can pull back from the world. It gives you the space to focus on you and your health so you can regroup and re-energise. Something we all need from time to time. 

We keep the numbers on our retreat purposefully low to ensure you get exactly what you need from the week. This means you get the personalised attention you deserve and allows you to tailor-make your holiday, dropping into classes and choosing which activities to participate in.

The spectacular location and amazing food also deserve a special mention. Staying in a traditional 14th Century farmhouse, combined with eating delicious home cooked meals each day, creates a unique experience.

Most importantly, a retreat gives you time for yourself! With everything taken care of it removes any and all pressure and expectations and allows you to trust in the process of the journey.
What if I don't have anyone to go with?
Escape with a friend, as a couple or on your own, however you do it the experience will be equally rewarding. In fact, the week is the perfect opportunity to get away on your own.

At Albenya you are guaranteed a nuturing environment, great accommodation and amenities. Even better, you will be accompanied by like-minded people, potentially making friends that will last you a lifetime.

It can be a little intimidating to meet new people, but you don’t have to be outgoing or socially skilled, the experiences you have will automatically bring you closer to the others you are sharing them with.

Take the step, and you will gain a new found freedom, you can holiday on your terms, your way. The joy of going solo is your programme can be as packed or as relaxing as you want.

The group size we take means you get the best of both worlds. Being in a social environment that creates a great community feeling, but with enough space to not be on top of each other. 
Can I come if I don't know any Yoga or I'm unfit?
The Natural Edge retreat is for all levels!

Each class is designed so that no matter what level you’re at you will get the most out of it. There is never any judgement on what level you’re at. You will be leaving at the end of the week feeling more flexible, fitter and full of energy.

This is the perfect opportunity to kickstart your health in a relaxed and friendly environment! 
What will a typical day look like?
Remember, everything is optional and you can dip in and out as much as you like.

Each day will start with a 1 hour group training session under the sun's morning rays to get you warmed up and ready to go. After a smoothie to refuel you’ll move into dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga on the terracotta patio looking out over the surrounding countryside. Spend the rest of your morning in and around the retreat making use of the facilities, or visit the local town.

In the afternoon there will be an outdoor adventure which will change each day...think hiking, cycling, snorkeling, kayaking etc.

Then ease into the evening with a more restorative yoga practice with guided meditation and progressive muscle relaxation. After a hearty and delicious dinner there will be the chance to listen to a talk before relaxing with a glass of wine under the setting sun. 
Any Questions?
Early Bird Discount: £995 £895!
Only the first 6 places available at this price
What Do Others Say?
My friends and I couldn't have hoped for a lovelier group of people to spend such a restorative and healthy week with, and we found lots of common ground as well as a delicious harmony.

The finca, close to Mallorca’s first hermitage town of Randa and looking up towards the hilltop monastery, has a profound sense of peace. It's a beautifully preserved time capsule that somehow manages to provide all mod cons without them ever being intrusive. The backdrop of mountain vistas and wildflower meadows helps, but the finca's rich history as a working farm, and rustic splendour is truly touching.

Catherine's immaculately prepared dishes were faultless: nourishing, hearty and with the effortlessness that comes of natural talent.

Gratitude. Thanks so much for a lovely retreat.
Kirsty Levett, April 2018
A true retreat. We absolutely loved the venue and the setting. The finca is beautiful, full of character and very comfortable. We also loved the food - every meal made with love and care. Thank you!

The company was great, a warm and fascinating group of people. And the yoga, and meditation were all brilliant, as well as (much-needed in my case!) massage which was so restorative too. We are still feeling the benefits of such a lovely week. I am particularly conscious of how much I unwound from a knotted ball of tension to feeling a hundred times better!
Angie and Chris, April 2018
We loved the finca with its history, the location was perfect within easy reach of the airport and it was comfy and authentic with ne’er a whiff of faux posh. The beds were comfy, hot water plentiful and the pool fabulous. All in all a great week spent in the company of lovely people.
Kathy and Peter, October 2017
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