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Thursday night wild camping. Back next morning for work. One hour from London.  We plan and host it.
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Sorry, we don't currently have any Microadventures planned. We will be running them in the future so sign up and we'll keep you informed!
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How Does It Work?
  •  Receive all the information on what you need and other details via email.
  •  Hop off the train, and we’ll set off to one of our ‘accessibly remote’ wild camping spots.
  •  Enjoy an evening outdoors, socialising, unwinding, possibly wild swimming and sleeping under the stars.
  •  Wake up to a stellar sunrise and set off home.
  •  Arrive back at your desk Friday morning recharged and ready for the weekend!
Escape the city grind. Meet like-minded people. Reset your system. Extend the weekend!
What Is A Microadventure?
Alastair Humphreys invented the concept of the microadventure as an antidote to our busy urbanised lives, by escaping into the simplicity and wilderness of the great outdoors.

"A microadventure is a short, simple, local, cheap adventure that is still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding." - Alastair Humphreys

The Dusk 'Til Dawn microadventure is one night of wild camping within easy public transport range of London. Think chatting to friends and like-minded people around a campfire, wild swimming and sleeping under the stars!
Why Do We Do This?
The Natural Edge wants to remove the barriers to microadventures, and get people away from the daily grind into the great outdoors. No one to go with? No problem, you’ll meet plenty of friendly people. Don’t know where to go? We find great locations and give you a time and place to meet us. No kit? No worries, we’ll tell you what to get and the cheapest places to find it.

All you need to do is sign up and follow the instructions we send you!
Meet The Team

The Natural Edge

Simon Jeffries, a former member of UK Special Forces. On a mission to maximise everyone's health by rebuilding their natural habits and reconnecting with nature.

Natasha Montague

Kayak world record holder - 16 days, 1000km, 3 countries - all round adventure athlete, and wild camping aficionado.

Ed Norman

10 years experience in performance coaching. Head trainer at @neverstoplondon and coach to The North Face sponsored athletes.

Girls Explore

Hannah and Pippa, building a community around enthusiasm for adventure, and promoting the great outdoors.
What actually happens on a microadventure?
The location changes between different adventures, so it varies every time, but the basic plan is that we walk from the station to the wild camping location. This normally takes less than an hour. There might be some wild swimming en route or at the camping location for those that are interested! Then it is a friendly social (around a fire if the location allows it) until you decide to go to bed. Then up early next morning to walk back to the station and get the train back into London.
I don't have any kit, what should I do?
You only need the most basic kit for wild camping. When you sign up we will send you a list of everything you need (it's not much!). You probably have some of it already, or perhaps you can borrow some, and we'll find you the cheapest way to get the rest. The great thing is once you have it you can go on unlimited adventures!
What about work on Friday?
Don't worry, you can be back in central London by 7am. Imagine walking into work with that Friday feeling boosted by the positivity and excitement from your recent adventure! And guess know that "weekend reset"'ll already have it. Which means you'll have 2 full days to fill with more adventures!
What if I don't have anyone to come with?
Not a problem! You'll be in good company as plenty of people come on their own. Our microadventures are a great way to meet people and make new friends! Groups are obviously welcome too!
Do I have to lug my kit across the city?
In a word, yes! Don't worry, you're only out for one night so you will just need minimal kit. Plus, it's all part of the adventure!
“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn.”

― Jack Kerouac
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